1:35 Minutes
La Risamba

1:59 Minutes
E La Musica Va

1:5 Minutes
Il Ballo Della Sveglia

2:52 Minutes
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain

2:3 Minutes
Nellie The Elephant

3:30 Minutes
Part Of Your World

1:31 Minutes
Heigh Ho

1:43 Minutes
Il Buio Della Notte

2:25 Minutes
La Canzone Dell'Inverno

2:28 Minutes
My Favourite Things

4:0 Minutes
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

2:13 Minutes
Colonel Hathi's March

2:0 Minutes
Viva Viva Il Carnevale

1:40 Minutes
One Finger, One Thumb

3:42 Minutes
Hakuna Matata

1:47 Minutes
Puff The Magic Dragon

1:56 Minutes
Ten In The Bed

1:35 Minutes
Ring a Ring of Roses

2:37 Minutes
There's a Hole In My Bucket

1:48 Minutes
I Can Sing a Rainbow

1:54 Minutes
London Bridge Is Falling Down

1:47 Minutes
Never Smile at a Crocodile

1:53 Minutes
Old MacDonald

2:32 Minutes
Raccontami Una Favola

3:2 Minutes
The Bare Necessities

1:30 Minutes
Los Aristogatos - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

1:39 Minutes

2:29 Minutes
One Man Went To Mow

1:37 Minutes
Hey Diddle Diddle

2:47 Minutes
A Windmill In Old Amsterdam